=AHEM= All disclaimers apply. There is no way on the face of this earth that I would want to steal any of the characters as my own... even if it was for my own pleasure... but then, there are WAY too many connotations in that... (how many things do you think you could do with a Tsu and a Sei... seperately, of course!) Must take mind OUT of the gutter...

In any case, none of these series are copyrighted by me. I greatly respect artists and writers far and wide and will always attempt to give credit when I can. Only my own fan characters belong to me and they are few and easy to figure out, but even the world's they live in are not created by me, obviously! Don't know who they are? Read on to find out! I have more fanfiction, but they will be coming up later. Until then, enjoy. ^_~


Scent --> NC-17 [Do NOT read unless you are over 17]
An Ends to a Means --> NC-17 [Do NOT read unless you are over 17]

Yami no Matsuei

How to Cut a Tsu-chan's Hair

Tokyo Babylon

Gently - poem



Sailor Moon

Redemption of a Goddess (The Ishtar fic)
Memoirs of a Jealous Love
Even in Death
The Desolation of Sailor Ventreska
What the Crap?

Usagi's Troth - poem
Life of a Youma - poem
The Pledge of a Sailor Moon Fan - poem
Usagi/Serena's Story - poem
Serenade - poem

Hotaru's Love - dropped