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Ah, rules. Who likes them? But they must be stated if there is to be order and organization. Anyway, here are simply a few rules to be followed to prevent plagiarism and direct linking.

First of all, these images are not to be DIRECTLY LINKED (i.e. copying the exact URL of an image and pasting it on your site). I cannot stress this enough. If you do direct link, I will find out and I will become your worst nightmare. Honestly, people actually do this. X.x How hard can it be to load them to your hard drive and upload them to your own server, with your own html and graphic designs?

Second, all of these images are free to use, whether they're for layouts or pictures accompanying information. However, I'd appreciate it if you would add a link back to me (aka credit me) from your website if you do decide to use these for any sort of public usage. By this, I mean a credits page, not a links page where you have various Gravitation/Image gallery sites listed. No, I do not have my link stamped on every single image, but it wouldn't hurt to give credit every now and then. If I find your screenshots to resemble mine or have any reason to believe that the screenshots on your website are mine, and yet you have no credit, I will contact you about it. Please link back to http://www.cloverpetals.com/addiction. Thank you.

Third, I do wish for anyone taking images for website usage to limit their takings to 50 images maximum. I really don't want my images to be duplicated to another identical gallery. I would like to stay unique and be able to provide others with a decent amount of good quality images. People use them for icons, avatars, their shrines, if they want help illustrate their point(s), or for layouts, if they have a specific picture they want to use. I don't care what you use them for, but 50 images is the most one person can have. Please limit your image takings to that amount. All of the artbook scans featured here cannot be taken for image gallery usage, but may be used for layouts and designs (i.e. wallpapers).

Finally, I do request that you go out and buy the artbooks, the manga and the anime if you find that you like these images. There's nothing wrong with supporting Maki Murakami, the creator of this wonderful series. I left out many images when I scanned the manga and artbooks, and there's so much more to the series, the voices, the animation, etc. that simply can't be captured in still-frame. So why not go out and buy the official products? This series is definitely worth your money. Head over to the purchase page to see where you can find these products. Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation. :) Do you accept the rules?

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Disclaimer: All screenshot images, scans and layouts © by Trinity. Any use of the edited graphics will not be permitted. Gravitation is © by Maki Murakami.